Learn.Collaborate.Flourish is a collaborative networking group on Facebook.  I've met some amazing women who are as inspiring as they are helpful.  Maria Bayer is the creator of the group.  She is the best business coach I've ever seen.  She's helped so many creative women grow their business.  

I decided to do the 5 day "Book Clients with ease" challenge in Learn Collaborate and Flourish.   The grand prize was an awesome Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.   Guess who won??!!  ME!  I LOVE lipstick.  I picked the Rouge Pur Couture lipstick named Orange Seventies.  So, when the lipstick arrived I decided to do a little photo shoot.  Don't you just love receiving a package in the mail?  I mean, how gorgeous is this?  It definitely deserved a shoot.  I cant wait to wear it!  Of course there will be pictures of that as well...stay tuned.

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