Mileleari Wedding #LOVEWINS Humboldt Park Chicago, IL


I was so excited to be the photographer at the Mileleari wedding.  It was a beautiful summer day on the 24th of June.  There was a slight overcast, but that’s a photographer’s dream, right?  Well, at least it’s mine.  The overcast allowed for crisp, bright, beautiful photos capturing their lovely wedding colors of coral, mint, navy blue and gold.  How awesome is that color palette!

I met Baletica and Kiara at a customer service job in the burbs 20 miles south of Chicago.  We were “cool” from day one.  When they announced their engagement and inquired about photography services, I was ecstatic!  They were a perfect fit for me.  Also, they were so laid back and the sweetest couple.  

Although I am a somewhat traditional, I love first look photos.  It's a popular trend that allows the photographer to capture pure, raw images of the surprise and delight a couple experiences seeing each other for the first time shortly before their wedding.  It also helps to get rid of a couple of those pre-wedding jitters.  We captured these gorgeous images at the Humboldt Park Boat House.  

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at The Living Room.  It's an intimate space for family and friends to gather and celebrate together.  It is a spacious, comfortable venue that provides a “homelike” feel.  It was perfect for this event.  

 To Baletica and Kiara:

I rarely cry at weddings, but you made me tear up at yours.  I can’t believe it!  This was truly a beautiful day!  The love between you shines brightly.  The name that you selected: Mileleari, Swahili for Forever Awake, describes your relationship.  The love and appreciation you show for each other is clear and emanates to everyone around you.  

It was a pleasure- Chante

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