What is the turnaround time for products?

Turnaround is typically 4-6 weeks

How will I receive the images?

Images are available through a Pixieset website, prints, or an album. We have different packages to fit your needs.  

Do you photograph sessions in a studio or on- location?

I photograph exclusively on location.

Will you reschedule in case of bad weather?


Do you touch up all the images in our image download?


What type of events do you shoot?

Though I typically shoot weddings, I am open to all events.  

What type of sessions do you offer related to weddings?

Engagement, Bridal, Post-Wedding, and Anniversary sessions.

Should I do an engagement session?

Yes. You can use these pictures for many pre-wedding events and

announcements. This also gives you an opportunity to get to know the

photographer and become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Can we schedule our engagement session for the weekend?


How many photos will I received from my wedding or event?

That all depends on the time frame of your event. You will receive all edited


When is the best time to take engagement pictures?

During the golden hour, usually 1-2 hours before Sunset. 

What if I have to cancel my event?

We will allow one cancellation. You can use any monies paid toward your future


Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No, You will only receive the best edited images from your session. 

Do you provide partial day coverage?

Yes, we can customize a package to fit your needs. 

What is your photography style?

I am a documentary/photojournalistic photographer. My pictures are usually

candid and unposed. But don’t worry we can take some traditional photos as


Do you touch up all the images on our image download?


What do you mean by “touching up” the photos?

I edit the color and exposure if needed. I may also crop the picture. Some

photos look better as black and white, so I may change them.

How many images do you typically deliver from and engagement session?

There is no magic number, it depends on the length of your session or event.

Do you provide the digital negatives after the shoot?


Do you do destination weddings? What additional fees are associated with destination weddings?

Yes I do! Travel fees typically include Flight and hotel. Some wedding may

incur additional fees depending on the location and time frame of the event.